If you have seen Caz Bzdek perform or speak before, then you know that his rapid-fire combination of high caliber talent, knowledge, life-experience and world class entertainment is wonderfully effective. But maybe you are not the only decision maker, and everyone else on the committee is going to need some convincing. Unfortunately, experience has taught a lot of people to think that educational sessions can’t be funny, or that entertaining sessions can’t be informative. You know it doesn’t have to be that way, but how are you supposed to get other people on board?

Here’s how: We’ve been asked each of the following questions before, and here’s how we like to answer. It’s worked for us, so we’re pretty sure it will work for you too!

In a sentence, you’re going to get the most memorable professional development sales, mental health, comeback strategy and performance that will improve morale, sales as well as team membership.
Caz has been performing and speaking for companies across North America for the past thirty years since he started his companies in the late eighties. He’s worked for more than 10% of the Fortune 50, and many have hired him back multiple times. He’s been featured on Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, The Denver Post, The Gazette and Westword in Denver Colorado. Some positive and some negative – but all impactful!
Absolutely. Just because it’s entertaining doesn’t mean it’s not educational. Throughout each presentation, Caz interweaves the educational content so that people are laughing, singing and learning all at the same time. Also, all attendees will receive a downloadable PDF with the major takeaways from Caz’s presentation, along with statistics and strategies they can use immediately.
Opposite. The entertainment puts people at ease and builds trust, making everyone actually more receptive to the key takeaways than they would be otherwise. That’s actually been proven. Similar to when Caz works his Music Therapy at Assisted Living homes and with dementia patients, Music and Singing actually triggers and instills memory to absorb the information.
First and foremost, an excellent presentation to an attentive and receptive audience. You can also count on him showing up; he’s never missed an event, and he’ll make the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible. He’ll help promote the event both before and afterwards, which will help increase attendance this year and plant the seeds for an even bigger event next year. Everyone in the audience will get supplemental educational materials for continued learning – and they’re also going to have more fun than they have ever had listening to a keynote. Plus, there is NOTHING LIKE THIS OUT THERE! A speaker, a performer, a once in a lifetime event!
Hopefully this will help you convince your fellow decision-makers to try something new at your next conference or training event, whether that means hiring Caz or someone else who knows how to make education truly enjoyable. Team Caz firmly believes that improving your business doesn’t have to be boring. We know you do, too. Now let’s get everyone else on board with us!