Caz Bzdek Music Therapy SingAlong Services for Individuals and Families

Music Therapy Services of Colorado, Founded by Caz Bzdek in 1988, has provided services for the Colorado Community since circa 1980. Headquartered in Denver Colorado with satellite offices in Brush, Durango, Nebraska, Wyoming and Kansas, we provide private and group, home-based and institutional music therapy services. Our therapists have extensive training, education and experience in using music as therapy in a variety of settings. We are an innovative group well-versed in current treatment modalities and maintain our ability to use traditional music therapy techniques.  We include modern tools and technology, in order to provide each client and family the most progressive implementation of services while remaining focused on a humanistic approach with tangible experiences.

Team Caz’ agency specializes in providing services to individuals and families who have experienced a medical crisis, have chronic and long-term illnesses, dementia, autistic or disabilities and who have been traumatized by a work or life event. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to each and every person referred for music therapy services.

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