Music has a huge impact on us, from helping us feel good to getting us fired up to take the world by storm. It is a very emotive medium so have you considered harnessing the power of music to impact on your sales training? -Caz Bzdek

Top & Tailing Sales Training with Song!

We’re big users of music during our training and I will admit I’m not the music buff I was in the 80’s.  It seems to take me longer and longer to put my playlists together, so I was quite surprised and pleased to see Catherine Lightfoot’s Linkedin discussion: Hi guys, any suggestions on good music / songs to have on at the start / end of training also while group work is going on. Delegates are mid-20s so contemporary would be best.. what has worked well for you? Thanks!

In our crazy busy days, it’s great that someone made it easier for us.  Here are several of the comments for our blog readers are big users of music in their sales, leadership and customer service training.

1. Dylan Dolan Big fan of using music in training. I think of who the group is…if there’s a good demographic that I can appeal to, sounds like with mid 20’s it could be quite easy!

Would suggest thinking of some trip hop…i.e. Zero Seven – Simple Things or The Garden. You can be quite clever about it, with playing specific tracks as an auditory queue for what they’re going to be doing.

I focus on experiential learning with a lot of group work in the classroom, so once an exercise has started I’d put a certain track on in the background (i.e. Destiny).

Would also use one piece that I’d slowly increase the volume for at the end of a break…and then turn off, which really creates a new space.  Massive Attack – Mezzanine has a few good tracks too.

2. Rosanne Goose Tropicana commissioned some research recently into the best songs to brighten your day. After playing 30 songs to participants they came up with a Top 10. These songs would make a great start to any training.


Scroll down for the Top 10 List.

3. Louis Thomas I get all my music for training sessions from iChill (

They write and produce their own music which they sell royalty and licence free meaning you can use it when and where you like without having to pay a licence fee. They have a wide range of styles and tastes available either on CD or downloadable.

4. Bob Lucas, BS, MA, MA, CPLP There are a couple books that might help with your music selection – Eric Jensen’s Music with the Brain in Mind and Lenn Millbower’s Training with a Beat.

5. Tony Welsh I always have The Blind Boys of Alabama or the sound track from The Committements if I want to take things down a bit and Aretha Franklin to get going again.

6. Craig McFadyen In the research that we have undertaken and proven over the years with our own experiences the following guidelines should help:

• Intro music playing when the group enters and settles, low key soft songs to help the group relax and not walk into a quiet room.

• During learning time we play baroque / classical which is approximately 60 – 75 beats

• During activities we play upbeat recent music which is 110 beats and upwards (we have students remark whether we wanted them to work faster as they ‘felt’ the difference in the room!!).

• Slow quiet songs during wind down/evaluation period at the end.

7. Jeanne Allen Something like Jack Johnson – jazzy, can be in the background, relaxing, chillin’ music. And even though the audience is mid-20’s, you really should consider some classical – Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons or Pachelbel’s Canon are fabulous timeless pieces of music that help the brain process.

8. Justin Kyriakou We like kicking off with a bit of Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling.


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